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Record Suspension

Canada Pardon

Record Suspension
Are You Eligible?


A Pardon allows people that who were once convicted of a criminal offence the ability to keep their criminal record from being accessed by having it cleared:

  • Job related: Career advancement with fear of background checks
  • Childcare: For custody of children or childcare
  • Education: Further your education
  • Future Law Changes: There may be new legislation in parliament that can discontinue the pardon process

i-192 Application

Travel Waiver

Travel Waiver
Are You Eligible?


Who needs a Waiver?

  • Anyone that has been denied or "Red Flagged" at any USA border crossing
  • Anyone with a Criminal Record in Canada or elsewhere
  • Anyone Traveling without a Valid Passport
  • Anyone wanting a hassel free crossing into the USA
  • Anyone traveling to the USA for Business reasons

What Will Happen If I Attempt to Cross without a Travel Waiver?

  • Homeland Security will Arrest, fingerprint, detain all traveling members
  • Vehicle, Property, Equipment seizures. Items will be confiscated
  • Extra Costs, Flight, Hotel and Trip Cancelations

Criminal Record Removal

File Destruction

Criminal Record Removal
Are you Eligible?


Police and (RCMP) keep your fingerprint records and photos. Apply now to have your records destroyed:

  • If the police have your fingerprint records and photos on file, it will be difficult for you to travel or immigrate. These records impact how the police treat you.
  • Border guards, police officers, and others may behave differently if they have fingerprint records for you.
  • Border guards take longer to let you through borders.
  • Police spend more time with you if they ask you to pull over when you're driving.

Who has access to your records?

  • RCMP
  • United States customs
  • Canadian customs
  • United Kingdom (UK) customs
  • Interpol
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • All police forces in Canada


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